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 More Lies, More Farce, More Fraud, More Charades

By Ira A Feinberg

December 22, 2012

If Israel turns to the right, it’s wrong. If Israel turns to the left, it’s wrong. If Israel stands still, it’s wrong. So now, it’s a piece of land 4.6 square miles, that gives the Israel bashers and their friends a chance to accuse Israel of stealing, robbing their Palestinian land, and destroying a chance for a real peace settlement. (As if there was even a chance of peace with the present leadership of the Palestinians). E1, the area in contention is public land that was acquired as a result of the six day war of 1967, and has been under Israel control since then. It will not cut the northern part of the west bank from the southern part in a projected Palestinian state since there are plans to have transit facilities to connect the two parts unhindered when and if a Palestinian state is established. Israel sees it as a way of connecting Ma’ale Adumim (a developed community) with the city of Jerusalem.

Let’s take a look at reality, the truth. Peace talks with whom?. The Hamas who make no bones about what they seek. They want not a piece of Israel, but all of it. What does that mean? It means all the Jewish inhabitants must go, or be killed. Nice partners for peace. Then there is is the so called Fatah with their diplomatic suits and ties, telling the world that they are in favor of a two state solution while at the same time collecting hundreds of millions of dollars they receive as protection money from Arab kings, to The European Union, and the generous United States of America a lot of that money never reaching the people who need it. Millions that went over the years into a lot of large pockets of so called patriots who ride around in Mercedes and live in lovely villas, and fly about the world declaring their intentions of making peace, if only the Israeli’s would behave themselves by rolling over and dropping dead; and to stop building and enhancing the land left fallow for thousands of years until Jews came there and found the milk and honey, and turned the deserts into farmlands and forests. This Fatah that authorizes the teaching of youngsters under their control that killing of the Jews is good.Those leaders of Fatah that have never done anything to stop their educational system from teaching their children in their schools that all the land Israelis live on is stolen land. Their authorized text books espouse this vitriol, that the more the Jews build, the more land they are stealing from Palestinians.

The so called peace talks usually referred to as crucial to a settlement are simply a perpetuation of a grand farce; that if only everyone would sit down at a table and talk, there would be peace. Reality check. Look at the Middle-east today, and you see nothing but hate of one nation against another, one sect against another, one economic class of the poor against the powerful hegemony of wealth and pure greed only to be found in the imagination of a novel about ruthless kings, one tribe against another, Male against Female, and woman’s subjugation to live as inferiors to any man. Many times with their chant, ‘that it is the will of God that these conditions are proper and can be perpetuated . Is this the environment than can accept negotiations for peace? Without real good will on both sides peace will never be possible.

So the farce continues at the United Nations where the cover motive of the Palestinians is for recognition as an independent state for goals of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For experiencing the pride of having a nation of their own? Not a chance! What their real reason for seeking recognition was to join committees at the United Nations that will allow them to further promote Israel as the demon; to describe Israel as the occupier. Israel as”The Thief” in the stealing of their lands.

The media explained in numerous news articles and reports that Israel’s stated plan to build homes in the E1 area would eliminate any chance of peace. This action supposedly would make it impossible for the Palestinians to have one free flowing territory that would consist of their state, and allow them to connect freely with all of their towns and cities unhindered. Lies, more lies and distortions that were totally untrue. Building in E1 would not separate two areas of the Palestinian state. There were roads and tunnels planned to allow for the free movement from north to south in any future Palestinian state.

As long as there is no sincere effort and intention to really talk peace Israel should be free to build where it wishes to continue to secure its presence in an ever ending bad neighborhood; to prepare to defend themselves against all those who swear to destroy her. E1 is an attempt to unify Jerusalem and strengthen its foundation. The land belongs to those who inhabit it. Those who nurture it! Who grow things on it!

 The claim that any of this land is Arab land historically is the greatest lie of all. World War I, where Turkey had sided with Germany, lost it all. The area geographically known as the Middle-East, and North Africa were artificially carved up to satisfy the strategy of subjugating the peoples who lived there , and to make of those lands colonies under the control of England and France. All of the Middle- East, and all the territory therein was the property of the Sultan of Turkey and the Turkish Empire, and it was that way for over 400 years until the end of World War I. So, no land in Palestine, or any part of Middle East was owned by any other group or country. Not by Jews and not by Arabs but by Turks until the British and French came along and divided it up under their control into spheres of influence. Historically,The Jewish People had their roots there. They farmed the lands there thousands of years ago, and built their cities and towns there. Jews have lived there for four thousand years They had a capital to their country until they were conquered, and it was called Jerusalem. It was there, in their Kingdom that other religions were born that spread to the four corners of the world. These are facts that cannot be repudiated.

So at this time the truth is E1 is no one’s land. It does not belong to either Jews or Arabs. It does belong to those who will use it in a manner that would benefit all the society in it s environs. Israel should build on it now, and not trust that others will guarantee their sovereignty and existence. When the day of peace comes, all the land will be justly shared. Until then and until that day arrives, when the preaching and promoting of hate and death by Arabs and Jihadists has ceased, and when terrorism is exchanged for love, and freedom, and respect for the human rights of women, and for those different than one selves, it is most correct for Israel to build today for her survival and defense. To continue to build and lead the world in paths of righteousness and peace.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

          Applause For Abbas, Cheers For Terrorism

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Finding The Truth 

Applause For Abbas, Cheers For Terrorism

By Ira A Feinberg

December 4, 2012


Hurray, Hurrah for the success of President Abbas in securing for the Palestinean cause a resounding success. So the United Nations who by number and name have always shown a bias to the beleaguered Palestinians, had another opportunity to show their partiality. After all why should any of  them have  behaved differently since the Arab Nation has meant to them trade, investment, oil,  a great distraction of their own internal problems, and a growing Islamic population to answer to ?  What did anyone expect from a European continent still living in the shadows of fifteen hundred and more years of Anti-Semitism, an inquisition that burned Jews at the stake, and a Holocaust that took six million lives without a significant Mea Culpa, except however for Germany;  an Anti-Semitism,  that is alive and kicking, and to which no nation has addressed to their constituency a condemnation and purging of their national shame.  


How easy it is to bash Israel, and raise the flag of Palestine to demonstrate their solidarity with the beleaguered Palestinians. So, by God, what have they done? Have they advanced the cause of the residents in Ramallah and other parts of the West Bank, which as a territory has now evolved into a recognized state in the making? How much have they advanced the cause of peace and understanding? Abbas’s speech to the UN was filled with anger, derision, and contempt for his peace partner. Is this the man who represents the Palestinians with their aim to be independent and unoccupied? Where were his words of thanks to the world body? Where in his speech as the recognized leader of his country, did he in that exalted position, state that he would now become empowered because of their recognition to come to terms with Israel for a lasting peace. Now he was able to negotiate a just and fair arrangement for the two states,  Israel & Palestine, living side by side living in peace and happiness by helping each other to thrive in a global economy. Zero! Just the opposite.

 His speech reflects a realist interpretation, that he, nor the Palestinians want a real peace. What they want is the dismemberment of Israel. An Islamic pause as justified in the Koran, a Hudnah, to be able to gain a footing, and by so doing be able to take it all back one day.  Time and time again,   Israel’s leaders,  who believed by conceding land they would secure peace. Not so. Conceding land without a change of heart would never work. We have the first example in Lebanon. When Israel unilaterally decided to evacuate the area they controlled because of terrorist attacks that had terrorized Northern Israel, and what they got was Hezbollah who threatened to wipe Israel off the map! Or the Gaza evacuation, a unilateral departure, and what did they get from that withdrawal with all that Israel built and cultivated there,  Hamas! Now does one believe if Israel gave President Abbas all he wanted, to stop building on the West Bank, stop expanding the settlements, stop building in a united Jerusalem that he would say thanks and Israel would be left in peace forever? Never, and it is a hoped for dream by peaceniks who refuse to face reality.

 The things that the PLO must do, they will never do, until there is a realization that first and foremost they must make peace with themselves. What politician in Palestine has the courage to speak the truth, and to offer a real peace? He or she would be assassinated over night.  Who is Israel to trust? The weakened Fatah, or the brave courageous Hamas who opine that they taught Israel a lesson in the last conflict, and who claim to this day a glorious victory? A victory amongst all the destroyed infrastructure buildings, and rocket silos?  All the hundred and thirty who lost their lives? All the hundreds of wounded, and injured as a result of their recklessness, and their allowing themselves to be directed by Iran?  

Because of the PLO’s real wish is to get back all of Israel they sow the seeds of hate at an early age in all the schools on the West Bank for their  youth of  today, who for tomorrow are instructed to kill Israelis, and take back the stolen land they accuse Israel of stealing from them. ? In this the respect the PLO and the Palestinian Authority deserve at the United Nations in becoming a non-member member? Are they any better than the Hamas who do not suppress openly their goal of total destruction of a Jewish State?

 The world and the Palestinians still live with the lie that the land they are claiming is land that is occupied, and which land Israel is illegally building on. History tells another story. Jews have lived on this disputed soil for over 4,000 years. Until the beginning of the 20th century all the land in the Middle-East was Turkish, and part of the Turkish Empire. After World War I,  all the land in the Middle-East was artificially cut up to meet the objectives of the colonial powers, England and France. Palestine was nonexistent,  and it too was broken up into two parts arbitrarily.  One, The Kingdom of Jordan, that gave the Hashemite Royalty a foothold, and the other a mandate under British control, Palestine, neither Jewish or Arab control. After the United Nations voted on the  partition plan in 1947  Israel accepted it, and the Arabs not only rejected it, but threatened war and the extinction of all the Jews living in Palestine. Now 65 years later they claim the land was theirs after they rejected the partition plan, and were defeated in 1948 when five Arab armies invaded this unclaimed land and threatened to drive the Jews into the sea. As a result of the 1948 war Trans-Jordan seized all the disputed land, and annexed it to its kingdom. The 1967 war, The Six Day War that the
Arabs lost, and where Jordan who sided with Egypt and Syria lost control of the West Bank of  this disputed territory (Samaria & Judea), and which Israel has been in control of it since then. (Parenthetically the standard for those living on the west bank under Israel control have made more progress than any Arab country in their standard of living, education, and medicine.)

The land belongs to those who live on it. It is not stolen since historically, and by fact. Jews have lived there for thousands of years, and have returned to restore it,  and that  it is Israel’s inherent right to be there. Sixty five years ago it was barely rocks and sand. Now that it is thriving, and shown the world an example of one of the greatest turnarounds in history there are those because of envy, jealousy, and pure hostility wanted to reverse an irretrievable fact.   It was, and is today the homeland of the Jewish people, and will be so until the day “When nations shall not lift up a sword against others”, and borders will be nonexistent, since all men shall live in peace with their neighbor, and none will fear the other.

As to Abbas’s speech, and the voting for recognition by the United Nations, does he really represent a partner for peace? When the applause dies down,and all the cheering ceases, and the Palestinian leaders have to answer why they did what they did at the UN, Israel and the world,  will have to realize that there isn’t any peace process at present, but just a game, a political one to demonstrate that effort is being made every day. Every day to gain time, and more support, more financial support from donor nations, and not because of Netanyahu’s actions, but because there doesn’t exist a a true partner who wishes peace. Where the Palestinians for 65 years who have been fighting Israel, and who rejected at this very United Nations a just partition plan, and who have to this day never recognized Israel as a  Jewish State, and have never been interested in making a final settlement. They have had four real opportunities where Israel was ready to make many of the concessions they sought, only to be rejected after each attempt. First Rabin, then Barak and Olmert, and even Netanyahu.

 What the United Nations did on November 29, 2012 was to encourage terrorism by recognizing not only the West Bank as a State, but has granted recognition to Hamas, a recognized terrorist entity. A Hamas who  having brain washed the Palestinians with their braggadocio of having achieved  a raving victory over the Zionists appear to be the real power of the Palestinian State.. Those countries that play with Hamas, beware. For it will not be too long after they play with fire, that they should not be surprised to  be burned themselves accordingly. One day those who backed the Hamas will regret that they gave support to terrorists as they experience what Israel has. Suicide bombings, blown up busses, and innocent civilians being murdered. Israel will focus on more Nobel prizes in medicine and science, more medical wonders, and will continue to be a 'light unto the nations’.



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Turkey Returns To Its Roost In Israel

This article was written by Ira A Feinberg.
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Finding The Truth
Turkey Returns To Its Roost In Israel
    By Ira A Feinberg
November 26, 2012
It is becoming apparent daily, that Turkey who has been bashing Israel at every chance it has is inexorably moving away from hostility toward Israel to returning to an alliance that lasted more than any other coalition in the  Middle-east in the past 60 years. Erdogan behind the scenes is not getting the message that Turkey’s greatest threat is not Israel, nor should Israel be their enemy. Nor is her best friend Hamas, or Egypt for that matter. Sunni Turkey is awakening to the near border menace of Shia Iran, and they now understand that the war on their borders that they are being pushed into is being instigated by Iran. If Assad prevails in Syria, Turkey will certainly be threatened by the Iran-Syrian-Hezbollah axis.
This scenario forebodes a re-thinking of their break with Israel. For 60 years Israel and Turkey in a quiet way stayed together. They cooperated both in open and clandestinely ways in military matters. The entire Arab world in the twentieth century never fell in love with Turkey, having lived for centuries under their autocratic rule, and only recently have they been able to feel themselves free of Turkish Empire domination. Turkey diplomatically tried to make it look that they were friendly to their Arab neighbors, but it was never a real romance. So they relied on Israel that if push comes to shove, and if it would come one day to  a conflict with the Arab world,  Israel would be there for them. Well that moment has arrived. Ironically when the atmosphere between the two ex lovers is at its lowest level, this reuniting necessity for security  is going to hit the Turkish inner circles, and with it the military class who think on winning wars, not in propaganda and jingoistic psychological play games that make Turkey look good with their Arab brothers, and play to the Turkish Islamists.
Israel has offered and supplied Turkey drones. Refurbished, upgraded, and maintained their fleets of American military aircraft. Cooperated in naval, land and  air games. There existed a certain confidence despite their Islam oriented society that the two could greatly benefit from cooperation, a solid alliance, and not a manufactured and planned confrontation.
So here is where I will stick my neck out and predict that the two countries, Israel & Turkey will return to a working relationship that wont be broken again soon. Turkey will soon be at war with Assad’s cutthroats, either directly or as part of a western alliance. Assad’s days are numbered. The Turks need Israel as an ally, and either Erdogan  gets the message and acts on it, or  you can expect that he won’t be around to stop the inevitable from taking place. The United States, NATO, and Israel are in one boat against the Iran-Syrian-Hezbollah axis. Turkey can’t and wont remain out. Watch for a change of policy, and the renewal of two birds that need to flock together, Turkey and Israel.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Gaza Israel War-A War Against The United States

Gaza Israel War-A War Against The United States

November 19, 2012


The mass delusion about the war between Gaza and Israel is propagated by the media who are biased in favor of the Palestinians. We can watch and listen  with disgust as the emphasis in reporting equates Israel’s response with the hundreds of rockets fired indiscriminately into civilian areas by Hamas. The emphasis on babies, children and pregnant women being killed by Israeli air strikes without mention of the rockets that have been terrorizing one million Israeli citizens in their homes and school, and have killed or wounded  innocent civilians is unconscionable and unbalanced. Consider that the rockets are being fired without concern that they land on military targets but could fall on civilians. Consider the difference in Israel’s attempt to protect as much as possible the loss of civilian lives by making phone calls to civilians warning them to leave areas which are going to be bombed. Consider the fact that Hamas places there armaments and rockets in homes in residential areas. What kind of morality is that, and could it ever be justified?

 There is a veil of distraction that covers the real causes of the war, and someone has to stand up and state the truth. This looks like a war between Israel and Gaza. But in fact it is another proxy war between Iran and the United States using the Arab-Israel conflict as a subterfuge for admitting that Iran is essentially  testing the will of the United States. The same parallel theme runs through the Syrian revolution now going on, only this war was started as a war between Shia and Sunni, but again involves the West including the United States in a second proxy war. The slaughter goes on and the chaos continues.  The United States is slowly being drawn into this conflict, and will eventually be forced to join with other Western and Arab countries to defeat Assad, and in turn by proxy deal a powerful blow to Iran. Iran desperately needs Assad to further their stategy.

Few have recognized that the knife of Iran is being implanted into any and every conflict that will enable them to expand their presence and power. Their zeal is to control the petrol of the middle-east, take over countries and their populations where they can expand their base of control and support for their goals. Their fundamental drive and plans are not dissimilar to what Hitler in Nazi Germany had with their plans  to conquer the world, and which was was initiated in World War II. There is a direct parallel to Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, and the group of Iranian Mullahs who will not stop in their attempt to subvert, and indeed conquer large areas of the Middle-east, and then move on to Europe feeding on their success. This madness is supported and inspired by their ancient historical experience relating to the great Persian Empire, and their religious commitment to martyrdom when necessary What easier way to accomplish their aim than to start with, and to promulgate the new Anti-Semitism, the death and destruction of the State of Israel. They certainly have a lot of raving fans who would love to see Israel destroyed. In Europe today, you have the Left, that having lost the Soviet Union to beat upon for their record on human rights violations and rallied against repressive governments under the Soviet domination, have found their new bĂȘte noir, The State Of Israel.  They claim that Israel is persecuting the Palestinians, and that they are forcefully and illegally occupying territory that was once theirs. Then you have the Right, the Skin Heads, and Fascists who still glory in hating Jews, and who find it convenient to bash Israel whenever they can.  Between the two one finds the European Muslim immigrants, the impoverished and suppressed Muslims who having entered their Garden of Eden, who are in fact denied equal rights and economic equality with their new neighbors. Festered, underemployed or employed with the socially lowest of jobs. Frustrated where they can be easily stirred up to express their instigated hate by attacking Israel and Jews every time they have an opportunity. Lastly Academia where United Kingdom and European Universities are active with so called  liberal leaning professors who find it convenient to ostracize Israeli professors who apply to attend  their schools of higher learning as guests for intellectual and scientific projects with their boycotts and resolutions against admitting them.

So Iran has a good opportunity using all the above negative forces for their  positive action  threatening  to annihilate Israel, and the Jewish People of course. What a perfect scapegoat, and how vital and useful it is for them. So the veil that covers the real causes of the Gaza war today are related not to Palestinians or Jews or Israelis though there is a real conflict.  It’s a war against the United States, and Iran will do everything they can, and take advantage of exploiting any situation or conflict to further their goal of conquering and subduing as many countries as they can to attain their objective of conquest.  

Let’s lift the veil of deception and accept that it is Iran that holds the key to escalation of the Gaza War. The decision lies in Teheran not Cairo, Gaza,  or Jerusalem. Let us also recognize that Egypt also holds a key, though a smaller one in their alliance with Iran, and they have permitted, and are responsible for much of the materials that have entered Gaza for the assembling and manufacturing of those very rockets that are falling on Israel today. This then is “Finding the Truth”. Should we, The United States of America, be supporting the regeneration of the Egyptian economy by our financial assistance and trade relations when they the Egyptians are siding with our sworn enemies for our hoped for destruction?  Write your Congressman, your senator, our President to hold back our support until Egypt pledges to stop the transference of missals through their territory and with their implicit support into the hands of Iran backed Hamas. Find the truth and speak out.


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Justice Has Its Final Say

Justice Has Its Final Say
December 26, 2011

Reports that Erdogan, Turkey’s Prime Minister, and leader of the strongest country in the Middle-East outside of Israel, is suffering from colon cancer. The outward bitterness of Erdogan toward Israel, after so many years of cooperation between the two countries, is taking its comeuppance. Erdogan’s bitterness toward Israel has lessened his chances of survival. Had he been correct in his relationship with a trusted and faithful ally he never would have supported, authorized, and sponsored the flotillas that were sent to break the blockade of Gaza. Gaza, where he knew there were terrorists who were sworn to the destruction of Israel, and with their daily intimidation of a civilian populace through firing rockets over the border into Israel’s urban centers.

Had he been correct and supportive of Israel instead of siding with Israel’s enemies, he would have been on such good terms as to allow him in receiving the best medical treatment for his cancer in Israel’s most advanced hospitals. Erdogan, with his bloated ego, and outrageous hostility toward Israel canceled any such practical actions.Thus he is not securing the necessary life saving treatment he needs with the latest technology and treatment that Israel has to offer because of his conduct.

One may not explain what has befallen him in a rational manner. Why did it come at a time when Turkey itself needs Israel desperately as an ally against the triple menacing threats of Iran, Syria and the Kurdish rebellion?

My explanation which may fall on deaf ears, skeptics and others who rationally may reject non provable occurrences, since what I am inferring may relate to The Unknown, and The Almighty. The enemies of Israel had to endure “The Ten Plagues”; there were cities, and states, and even kingdoms that were mysteriously destroyed, and where traces of them were obliterated from historical investigations; that if one observes Israel’s sixty three year old history there lies a lot of potential evidence of possible extra terrestrial intervention.  Consider all the wars Israel fought to defend herself. The 1948 War of Independence amongst them. A war, when and where 650,000 Jewish residents of the then truncated and divided Palestine were able to not only resist the invasion, but ended up defeating five Arab armies. Countries then surrounding her with a total population of some forty million inhabitants. Couple with those odds, there were the  international blockading of her shores, and the  quarantine of allowing arms and support to come from abroad to her aid. At that time all the new born State of Israel had in armament and weapons were some handmade machine guns, and a few small recreational aircraft. Studying all the following wars of 1956,1967,1973.1984,and 2004 of which Israel had to fight to defend herself, you get a similar picture where the odds are greatly against her, yet she manages to survive and succeed in defeating her enemies. There is something irrational and inexplicable about this brief history but critical period.

So matter whom you worship, or whom you believe in; what you practice daily in relating and living by the golden rules of doing unto others as you would expect that which should be done to you; To whom you think should have the final word about justice, kindness, and equality. There is always the underlying concept you might consider. There just might have been some special intervention. The how and why should be left to one’s own intelligence, conscience, faith, and interpretations of all the mysteries of life. So without tongue in cheek, I pray that Erdogan survives. He might yet understand that correctness goes a long way to salvation. He might even ask Netanyahu for medical assistance so that Israel and Turkey would become allies and friends again in a very troubled part of our world. Turkey needs Israel, and Israel needs Turkey. History will prove it. Ergodan needs the right medical treatment. He needs it now.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thomas Friedman Shows Again His True Self

Thomas Friedman Shows Again His True Self

Appeasement, False Logic, & Calumny

Oct.10, 2011(Other articles by the writer can be found at http:/, or http://www.irafeinbergblog.blogspot/)

My hat comes off for Thomas Friedman. He is a brilliant thinker, an accomplished writer, a man for all seasons. But for some inexplicable, genetic, ethnic and subconscious drive to demonstrate that when it comes to the Middle-east, to Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians, American Jews and American Christians he is totally impartial, and works with an Aristotelian mindset that places him at the highest levels of logic and reason displacing impartiality.

J’accuse Monsieur Thomas Friedman of being the cleverest sophist, a twister of all truth, and in essence a fraud who attempts and succeeds to fool most literati, and most who adore his charm and imagination. He is a Jew who claims total impartiality when it comes to problems concerning Jews and Israel.  His editorial “Israel: Adrift At Sea Alone”which I urge you to read before reading my own response to it. (Click the flowing link, or paste it in your browser to read it now.) Here you will find his typical arrogance as he scolds Israel, scolds the government of Israel, scolds their Foreign Minister, scolds our weak American leaders, and so on ad-infinitum. He accuses Israel and their lobbyists of unpatriotic acts against our President. He is most adept at using a sly, clandestine, and latent anti-Semitism in the construction of his arguments, and doesn’t even realize that he is only repeating what the Jewish People have been accused of unjustly for more than two thousand years. 'If only the Jews weren’t here there wouldn't be any problems on earth, and all mankind would live in peace”; that the age old accusatory conspiracy goes on (The Protocols Of Zion so aptly describes it) Read his opt page editorial, and you cant help reading between the lines that it is Israel and Netanyahu wh are the reasons we have the problems in the middle-east today; that it is Netanyahu’s intransigence that is the cause that peace talks have failed. His biggest calumny of all, that it is Israel that is dragging the United States into more intractable circumstances, more wars, more defeats, and more plundering of our assets disregarding that there are one hundred and one other conflicts that prevent peace and tranquility.

If only Israel and their incompetent leaders would come up with a plan to appease all: The Palestinians, The Egyptians, The Turks, The Iranians, together with the other few hundred countries that support the side of the Arabs, all would embrace her as their long lost sister that has come home, and by God, so generously saved the world!  If only Israel would agree to indefensible borders, and ignore the potential of the importation of rockets to destroy her from the newly proposed independent State of Palestine, trust that all those that surround her will let her live in peace, then and only then, would be peace be enforced. It’s Israel’s fault that the Shia and the Sunni who have been mortal enemies, and continue to kill each other for over fourteen hundred years, and with no end in sight; that the Kurds who have fought for God knows how long for a land of their own, and the Turks who are determined to repeat another Armenian extermination and ethnic cleansing effort  and in effect will rid Turkey of the Kurdish problem forever. What does Friedman expect of Israel and the Jewish People?  Surrender to the masses surrounding her.! What does Friedman know of , nor does he care what Jews have endured from false crime accusations about the deicide, about the Passover blood libel, about the Spanish Inquisition, about the  so called mongrelizing of pure Aryan blood that justified purifying German blood forever by gassing and burning six million of  them out of existence? What does Friedman know of the Warsaw Ghetto, and a world that lay silent while those brave few fighters fought to their last drop of blood? What does he know of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Maidanek, Belsen, Treblinka, and the other such heinous  sites that could have received some relief if the Allies during World War II  had really wanted to do something for the those being gassed and cremated daily?  What does he know of 1948 when the world turned their backs on Israel’s fight for survival with losses of over one percent of their people lost in that war, equivalent in our country to over three million Americans? What of all the other wars fought for Israel’s survival, of the twenty five thousand who gave their all to the gods of war, with war after war where her enemies vowed each time to destroy her?

Friedman says lets trust the Palestinians because look at history how when you make a deal with the Arabs it will be honored. Honored as it was when Israel left Gaza, and Israel left Lebanon? Honored when in 1993 the PLO promised on the White House lawn before the whole world to pledge to cease active terrorism and negotiate a real peace? Try Mr. Friedman to move your family to Sderot on the border between Gaza and Israel, and have rockets and mortars landing left and right on people, and homes, and farmers.

Does any one in their right mind believe that one would be able to make a real peace treaty with a group of people who every day teach their children to grow up only to kill Jews; taught in classrooms that the Jews stole their land. Wake up to reality Mr Friedman ! Realize that the Palestinian leaders do not want peace or they could have had it a long time ago under much better circumstances that they are being offered today. They seek not a Palestinian State, but all of what is Israel today, and which they openly even refuse to recognize as a Jewish State. They seek all of Israel and espouse a return of all the Arab refugees. What that implies is a majority control and end of a Jewish State.  Its all a fake Mr. Friedman, and all your fine analytical work as to the causes of all things happening in this globe, and are weak economy in the United States which you are well known and respected for your analyses, remedies and solutions. What makes all your work and ideas valid and worth noting if with all that brilliance you cannot see the reality of what the Arabs and the Palestinians want. Mr. Friedman I will tell you what they want, and what most of their supporters sub-consciously wasn’t: They want the  total destruction and annihilation of Israel, and  all their Jewish and Zionist supports. Nothing less, and that includes Mr. Friedman you and I as well.

Read your editorial again and see how you accuse Netanyahu and his government of ineptness and incompetence, and being the worst govenment that Israel has ever had. What makes you qualified to judge them. Have you ever lived under a deadly threat of extinction twenty four hours a day, seven days a week? Have you ever lived in a D.P. camp and have a number tattooed on your arm?  Have your children ever been taken hostage, or been on bus that was blown up? Have you ever packed your children’s clothing and personal items and sent them off for military service for three years worrying whether they would ever come back? You accuse Lieberman the Foreign Minister of Israel of being a right winger in a pejorative manner. Has he not the right to speak the truth, and is there something rotten and abhorrent to be oriented toward the right, and dedicated to the truth?  Then you blame Israel for the Turkish imbroglio, and that Netanyahu scuttled a reconciliationit because he was afraid what Lieberman would say about him causing him harm to his political future. Isn’t it more logical to understand that Ergodan is out for money, political power, and what better way to achieve both than to use Israel as a scapegoat and win over the Arab street and countries as a bonafide hater of Israel? Isn’t it obvious that Ergodan wanted an excuse to expel Israel’s ambassador, and he found his justification in using the blockade issue and loss of Turkish life to justify the most stringent attacks against Israel Turkey as a friend and ally has ever expressed. Surely all can see  that he seeks to get a piece of the oil and gas finds off the coast of Israel and Cyprus, and he needed more excuses to intervene in Israel’s right to exist.

Did he really believe that supporting the flotilla would free the people of Gaza?  Would he Ergodan  allow ships to dock in Syria, unload rockets that were destined to be fired at Ankara? Yet that is what he wanted for Israel.  Destroy the blockade and allow a terrorist organization the ability to import rockets freely. What country would permit this? Certainly not Turkey!

Why should Israel halt settlements? Another of your false accusations, and the spinning of events that Israel was avoiding peace talks by continuing to build new settlement in Samaria and Judiah. A total misrepresentation and an outright lie. These are false presentations making Israel look like the villain and blocking any peace talks.  The government of Israel had halted the building of new unauthorized settlements for nine months waiting for the Palestiqn President Abbas to meet with him for peace talks. Even after the nine months Netanyahu allowed only new construction to be confined to existing settlements. But who has said that this land is anyone’s land who lives on it? What did the Palestinians and the Jordanians do with the so called West Bank for the nineteen years that they controlled it. Nothing! What happened under Israeli so called occupation? Hospitals rose, universities were established, their economy grew, and hundreds of thousands found work in Israel earning salaries that they had never been able to earn before. Was this occupation or liberation? But the world called it apartheid, segregation, and colonization. Did we as a country stop building
in California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico when we moved into those territories, and paid every Indian and Mexican in cash for the land we started to develop? Israel has paid for the land she is developing, and most of it was left fallow for nineteen years by Jordan and the Palestinians, and some of which were public lands owned by none.  As to the capital of Israel which Arab country had Jerusalem as its capital? None! Jerusalem in not mentioned even one time in the Koran. What gives the Palestinians the legal and historical rights for having Jerusalem as their capital? Where is their historic claim that they lived there and established it as their capital? Yet the Palestinians want the world to sympathize with them and they paint an unjust picture of the truth, and that Israel in developing East Jerusalem is stealing a land that was never theirs.

Mr Friedman you still don’t get it!  Your writing and analyses are geared to ingratiate yourself with the Arab World; to come across that you are a fair, unbiased and impartial journalist who will never take sides even though you are a Jew. You claim to wish to protect the strategic interests of the United States by supposedly not stirring up any more problems caused by Israel alone, and who is expected to roll over and just drop dead to placate the powerful wealthy countries of the world. Mr.Friedman you do not understand,  and fail to acknowledge that the Arabs hate Jews, and in turn doubly hate Israel, and that wont change soon in our lifetime; that until mankind changes which might take a few thousand years from now,  Arabs will try to destroy Israel, and that peace will never come to the Middle-east until the Arabs themselves are free from the tyranny of their despotic leaders, and their religious fundamentalist zeal which blocks freedom of expression; that they stop using Israel as the distraction for their ineptness in developing freer and more compassionate societies.  For the Arabs to realize that they have been tricked by history, and that their leaders have found Jews and Israel as their bĂȘte noire as the cause of their failures to progress; to allow women to have the same rights as men. Their fundamentalists promote  surrender to their Shariah instead of allowing all of us to live on this planet and practice any religion we wish with the respect  to worship the Almighty as we choose without the threat of violence. For all religions the right to practice it freely and without intimidation. If Israel is weakened or allowed to be over powered it will be a major blow to the United States and the whole free world.  Mr. Friedman study history and use your brilliance to find the truth, and the real causes of strife in the Middle-east. I and many others would love to read it in the New York Times, or in your next book about “How I failed to understand the problems of the Middle-east." Should be a best seller.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Erdogan and Ahmadinejad, Birds of a Feather Flock Together

September 13,2011

The Turkish Prime-minister has further showed his colors. His enmity for Israel and the west continue to grow inspired by his evolving plan to throw Israel to the wolves in order to enhance his political plan for dominance in the middle-east. His ranting and ravings and demands for Israel to bend her knees by forcing her to apologize for her attempt at self defense borders on the ludicrous.

Missiles from Gaza are landing on Israeli cities, towns and establishments, and Turkey allows a ship under a Turkish flag with Turkish citizens aboard to protest the blockade of Gaza in order to allow the Hamas to bring in at will more rockets to fall on Israel. What is apparent besides Turkey’s unbalanced support for Hamas when Israel has been an active ally of Turkey for many years is the undisguised venomous anger by Erdogan toward Israel proper. One must assume that there are other reasons for his policy and actions. Why would he ally himself and the Turkish nation to side with a terrorist organization sworn to destroy Israel? Why would he personally plan to visit and socialize with the murderers of Hamas in Gaza?

The Jewish People will always remember that it was Turkey that admitted and warmly greeted Jews after the Spanish inquisition. It was Turkey that also was a haven for some Jews escaping the Nazi’s during World War II.
Why then today is Turkey, a previously close ally of Israel, turned to becoming an enemy of Israel, and in turn the United States and the West?

Erdogan  is moving his country closer to Islamicization. He is turning back the clock to the autocratic rule where Islamic values will prevail. He is using the power of Islamic religious characteristics to suppress freedom of expression, and any and all opposition to his ultimate plan to turn democratic Turkey into Islamic Turkey.

History has shown us that those who suppress freedom of expression are doomed to defeat ultimately. The world is too closely connected for Turkish citizens not to be aware what is happening to their country. Credit for what appears as Turkish economic progress since Erdogan’s party had come to power are going to be soon downgraded, and Turkey will soon face some severe economic turmoil. Their policies will cause an estrangement in international trade that they so sorely need to continue their progress. They have misled the international business community into thinking that they are growing by leaps and bounds. However this falsely declared jump in activity has only been brought about by temporarily flooding their banks with printed money claiming that their GDP is growing by 11%. The Turkish people are in for a shock.

Israel was a very important trading partner in many senses. Hundreds of thousands of Israeli tourists came to Turkey each year for vacations where now few can be found in Antalya which is Turkey’s Riviera center for the tourist vacation areas. When the Turkish economy starts to sink and their Sovereign credit ratings begin to fall there will be pressure by their own people to rethink their Islamicization program, their blatant Anti-Israel and covert Anti-Semitism, their antagonistic attitudes toward the United States, and their alliance with the enemies of the west. Because they are failing in their battle against the Kurds, their pending economic self created bubble, their tirades against Israel (a subterfuge for Jews and the West), their suppression of free speech and association, they are bound to go the way as a failed government sooner or later.

I recommend that when buying anything that says made in Turkey that you drop the item and find a better one made somewhere else. Tell the owner or manager of the business how you feel about Turkish products and your willingness not buy them.  I recommend that you write your congressman and senator and that you express your feelings for the despicable behavior of Turkey in her treatment of Israel and her attempt to humiliate Israel, and the Israeli people.  I recommend that you communicate directly with Turkish citizens by email, facebook, twitter, to rebel against their government policies that promote hatred and the fostering  of terrorism. Let’s unite to stop Erdogan now, and to reestablish Turkey’s friendship with Israel and the United States.
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